Yoga Retreat

Discover the mystical resource & boundless blessings that only yoga can unlock while immersing yourself in the unique combination of light & the shades of green & blue that only Paxos can create. Visit the untouched islands feel the pure nature! Explore isolated beaches and walk through mythological olive trees – symbol of strength, peace and wisdom!

Yoga retreat on Paxos

Greece and Yoga: two ancient forces together in order to create an enlightened union of freedom, health and harmony. Spend seven days practicing Yoga on one of the world’s most beautiful islands, Paxos, the island of God Poseidon. This magical place holds many delightful surprises of natural beauty and contrasts. The East Coastline is enveloped in a silvery green cloak formed by olive trees sloping gently to glistering blue waters. Numerous secluded coves and bays,(some of which are only accessible by boat) offer solitude. The clarity of the sea makes snorkeling an excellent adventure for the ones who seek it. Here you will restore serenity of mind, body and spirit and you will have the privilege to transform your yoga practice into a unique experience within the splendor of this hidden paradise in Greece.
No matter what your previous yoga experiences are, our expert instructors will help you locate yourself, your full potential of health and tranquility. Discover the mystical resource and boundless blessings that only yoga can unlock while immersing yourself in the unique combination of light, and the shades of green and blue that only the Ionian island of Paxos can create.

Paxos… our beautiful island, where dreams come true!

We live in Paxos, we love Paxos, and we know Paxos. With over two decades of experience, an abundance of enthusiasm and energy we are the local travel agency to offer services of the highest quality with the very best of prices. We are committed to providing our guests a chance to discover the hidden charms and secrets of our tiny paradise, the most inspirational of destinations, Paxos!
We can offer you so much more than our beautiful villas with stunning views and private swimming pools or pretty villas tucked away amongst the olive groves, we are here to ensure you experience the joy of discovering the hidden ancient footpaths that weave about the great olive trees, the wonderful fragrance of the wild thyme underfoot, the tiny secluded beaches, guided kayak trips to hidden caves, sunset cruises in traditional boats, the chance to meet new friends, a chance to feel the energy and passion of our Greek

We are here to offer out expertise, responding to the needs of the times while anticipating the demands of the future, helping you to create memories that will stay with you for years, or forever.
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